Monday, May 30, 2016

‘The motorcyclist in me is awake again.’

It was 7.30 pm this evening when I was reading some text regarding the naxalism in India, how Indian Army should not be used to tackle the naxal problem in affected states and how the local police are so crucial to do the needful.

While reading, suddenly, out of nowhere I closed my laptop and went outside to dust off my bike. I don’t know from where the ‘sudden’ thought of cleaning the bike came to my mind. I uncovered my bike, washed it and it was shining back in all of its glory. I pressed the starter button and the engine came to life as if it was longing to be started. I haven’t even given it any throttle. The sound of the engine cranking was itself soul satisfying.

A bike is not just merely a two wheeler, but a machine which can move the soul. Someone has rightly said “four wheelers move the body; two wheelers move the soul”. What so special do these motorcycles have in them that simply touches the core of the heart of its owners. Even when I am not riding it, I feel the pleasure of having it parked at my place. When I return back from work, i feel like it waits for me. It wants me to fire the engine and let the biker in me do the talking.

A rider like me who do the 9-6 corporate IT regime, often stay away from bike due to time crunch, but the 9-6 regime is required so that a biker can put some fuel in his bike. The thrill these motorcycles carry can be felt only by those who treat their bikes not just like owning a regular two wheeler, but those who keep them like an unseparated part of the rider’s identity.

Lots of emotions are involved as the rider upshift the gear while the throttle is closed and clutch depressed. The adrenaline rush that flows throughout the rider’s body upon opening the throttle makes one feel divine. The rider downshifts, bring the bike to a halt, sits near the bike and feel the contentment in life.

As it is beautifully expressed in these lines about motorcycling, “you live more in five minutes riding a motorcycle than most people live in a lifetime”, i, the biker is awake again and back with my ride. The roads are empty and the night has just begun.