Sunday, February 7, 2016

Auto Expo 2016 - As seen from ASP's lens!

I visited Auto Expo 2016 to see some of the new upcoming vehicles and existing revamped ones.

Despite the weekend rush, I could fairly click lots of pictures. Though most people were there for mere selfies and watch out some ladies around the machines, many were drooling over the machines and genuinely analyzing the pros and cons of the cars.

Few points from my observations -

-> The much hyped Brezza, looks much better in the flesh than in pics. It has a neutral stance but it lacks the contemporariness of EcoSport. The car will certainly sell if priced right.

-> Maruti Brezza stall was the most crowded one - that alone reflects the waiting period that might have to be faced across the country. I can forsee many owners selling their 2-5 years old Swift to get a Brezza!

-> BMW/Audi/Mercedes stalls were organised in a much better way to manage the crowds. In the last two Auto Expos that I have attended, I couldn't even manage to click a pic of those cars, but this time, I was able to sit in few cars and personally check both rear and passenger seats as well despite going on Saturday. BMW 6 series and 7 series were looking the most beautiful among all. On a different note, I would like to own a BMW X1 some day, hope dreams do comes true.

-> There is a very small section of people who are interested in trucks/buses and commercial vehicles stalls. These halls are seriously under-rated while ignoring the fact that some world class engineered products are on display.

-> The Jeep stall had some mouth watering and out of budget cars lined up for the mango man! Sigh!

-> Toyota Innova looks fabulous. Well done by Toyota design team for producing such an awesome looking MUV. The image of taxi needs to be dropped from Innova Though it is not much affected by it either. This Innova looks great, modern yet strong. If I have some 15 lacs rupees to be spent on buying a new car, Toyota Innova would be my choice and I won't be bothering to replace it for next 15 years either! But Toyota, please don't bring that dark purple shade into production.

-> Honda City was still gathering the crowd, but I could see the absence of the same enthusiasm people had while checking the City in last Auto Expo. Poor build quality was discussed by few guys checking out the car in this Expo. Still a very promising vehicle, hopefully, Honda will bring back the reliability and decent build quality of previous gen City in the next generation City. I was expecting to see an exterior facelift in the Auto Expo, though.

-> Honda BR-V looks awesome. I personally liked the vehicle. It wears tough SUV looks. Hope they price it well, my intuition says that BR-V will be pitted against the full sized Scorpio/Duster/Safari/XUV instead of EcoSport/Brezza/TUV.

-> Fiat Abarth - simply wow!

-> Few ladies next to machines - again simply wow wow!

-> Mahindra XUV Aero - Did I see a BMW X6 shell in a Mahindra vehicle! This BMW inspired XUV will rule the roads once launched with correct pricing.

-> Mahindra TUV has third class rear seats. I had to step out of the vehicle as soon as I jumped into the rear. The Third row is only for kids/people below 5".

-> Tata Hexon is one mighty SUV that will rule the roads. Only if Tata price it well. It will have an awesome road presence. Tata Nexon/Tata Kites looked extremely contemporary. Can't wait to see these vehicles on our roads.

-> A red hot Jaguar will blow away your mind and would want you to bear an kind of debts to own this car some day!

-> Renault Duster is one car I personally like very much - maybe because I want to own one but practicality wise, it is one awesome car. The facelift might have disappointed some, but overall it is a car worth buying. With high seats, extremely roomy cabin, easy ingress/egress, SUV handling, full-size SUV body - Duster will continue to sell despite new kids on the block.

-> VW Ameo - should sell because of the VW tag, timeless front looks and reliable diesel engine. Though not very well executed boot, it still is not an eye sore.

-> Chevrolet stall was the most boring one - don't know why - rather I don't want to know - don't know why!

-> Hyundai and Ford stalls had some decent crowd, cars and models as well. New Endeavour is a huge SUV! They were still showcasing the previous gen i10 - label on the number plate reads ' next gen i10'.

-> There was a separate section where bikes used in Bollywood movies were showcased. Interesting one.

-> I was least excited to visit any bikes stall to be really honest.
just a quick look and went back.

-> Auto Expo is paradise for people finding a picnic spot, where they can come in with their girlfriends/boyfriends walking in the campus/hall and discussing nothing about cars, having food at the various food courts, focus more on the KFC burger than the car showcased inside the hall. People sitting on the ground and eating their home brought food like they are visiting some shrine or something! Requesting Auto Expo organisers to organise next Auto Expo in the following manner -

Day 1 - VVIP/Bollywood day

Day 2 - Media/VIP day

Day 3 - Auto Enthusiast only day

Day 4 - Picnic day

Day 5 - Picnic day

Though Expo was managed quite well IMO but little bit of ranting is warranted

Below are few select pics of the event -

For the complete pictorial photo walk of the 13th Auto Expo, 2016 (5th - 8th February, 2016), Please click here - 13th Auto Expo, 2016 (5th - 8th February, 2016)

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