Saturday, September 5, 2015

Shri Krishna - Thy Life's Role Model


It's the festival of janamashtmi, a festival taking us 5000 years back, a festival reminding us of Shri Krishna's intelligence and wisdom. Apart from just worshipping shree krishna on the eve of janmasthami, it will be even great if we can impart his teachings, lessons from shri krishna's life and how well he lived throughout in this avtaar.

Shri Krishna taught us lots of things, in fact, everything which we require to face in our day to day life. I have been a follower of bhagwat gita from quite some time. Not only I follow bhagwat gita, I also keenly observe its teachings. Bhagwad gita is more like life's instructions and user manual for any person.

The most crucial thing which shree krishna has conveyed through the bhagwad gita and I personally like the most is how important are our intentions behind the work and deeds we do in our day to day life.
As shree krishna explains the importance of work & actions, he also signifies the significance of the intentions behind that act. More than the work and our actions, we are rewarded by the intentions that we had at the back of our minds - consciously or unconsciously but they matter.

Most people crib about being not happy with the end results of their actions and while they claim their actions to be noble and good, what basically remains missed are the intentions behind that action.

In this world, nothing ever happens without intention. Not a single thing ever. We eat food, and when we eat our food, the most basic intention behind that action is to fulfill our hunger and provide fuel to our body. In this way, we remain healthy, we eat only the right kind of food. But when we eat food to satisfy our taste, we end up eating anything - junk foods and all that related stuff which makes you obsess over the food, the kind of eateries you can not live without and then all this leads to obesity and then slowly all related disease starts cropping up in a person's body.
This was a very generic kind of example on how our intentions are related to our actions and what kind of result do we get in both cases. Whatever we do in our life, let it be a smallest and negligible task from our day to day activities, the intentions behind them matters and results in happiness or miseries.

You love someone But with what intentions? If you love someone because of a reason, that love will fade away the day that reason no longer remain beneficial to you and that kind of love causes pain because love can just not happen with a reason. A reason is what that adds selfishness to it and dilutes the very idea of love which is divine. True love happens for no reason - a reason which just cannot be expressed and this kind of love remains forever because there were no strings attached to it.

Like the above two examples, shri krishna has given numerous examples from our day to day lives which teach us to perform our obligatory duty, because the action is indeed better than inaction at all.

In our day to day life, we do lots of things & actions. Each & everything we had done in the past, things we are doing in the present or plan to do in future has a purpose behind it. Nothing in this world by anybody ever happened without an intention behind that work. All in all, I am trying to say is that whatever you intend to do in your life, make sure your intentions behind it are pure and honest. And trust me when you do it this way; you free yourself from all the concerns, results, outcomes, failures, regrets, fears and guilt which we face in life due to those actions.

Even doing this way people may walk away from you when you no longer serve a purpose for them, your goals and dreams still may appear too distant but at the end of the day you are not answerable to anyone except for yourself because in the end, everything in life will fall apart except for what was in your heart. Do your best and leave all up to the almighty for the rest! 

All in all, Shri Krishna has always conveyed that the result & meaning of karma is in the intention. It's not the action but the intention behind the action is what that all matters...

Happy Krisha Janmasthmi To All My Blog Visitors :)