Saturday, October 18, 2014

‘Gadgets hi Gadgets’ – The Festivity err Gadgetry Saga!

“The dhamaka of technology”, “Diwali sale bonanza”, “Diwali aayi, Sabne bazar me bhari bachat paayi” etc etc etc

Ever since the festival season has begun, I am seeing such type of numerous advertisements with catchy, attractive, sometimes annoying captions & taglines both in newspapers & televisions. And it’s obviously not for the first time, every year with festivals season around the corner, companies including retailers and ecommerce giants leave no stone unturned to promote their products by luring customers with offers, extended warranties on products, schemes, 0% interest loan for repayment of existing car/bike loan ;p etc.

Out of all categories of items on sale including products like groceries, cloths, furniture, footwear, automobiles and whatever possible consumer related items, one segment rules the market especially during festival season which is the ‘Electronics’ segment. From top down bottom up whatever kind of washing machines to curved televisions to most expensive recent mobile phone on planet, these products are featured so exhaustively to seduce customers which often leave many people broke on Diwali to even buy diyas and sweets! The market is flooded with ‘n’ number of products, models and its variants that if someone wants to count the number or store distinct electronic and gadget related products then even an 'unsigned long’ data type in ANSI C will go out of bound! And, this is NO exaggeration.

Gadgets, mobile phones, tablets, televisions, are dominating our lives more than H2O and O2 available on planet. We are being controlled and circumscribed by devices programmed in java, sporting integrated circuit boards with no feelings and emotions and just kind of ‘hardwired’ to broadcast and present the content or whatever we intends to as per the instructions flashed in their ROMs. I am in no way inimical to gadgets and electronics; But I often wonder where we all are heading to with all this. Every year, every month and every day something new is coming up and to be able to catch up with latest tech, the kind of money one requires to buy them, will either leave someone without a house to put and flaunt those gadgets in or probably leave someone in financial memory leak condition and money stack underflow situation which is often only solved by switching of the system - if you know what I mean. 

The race to stay up to date in the world of technology and stay connected with acquaintances (I won’t use the word ‘friend’ which has lost its meaning ever since social media services like facebook started owning that term) is actually making people to lose friendship even with themselves. The urge to show off makes people sell their existing stuff to buy new which loses its financial value faster than a 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch ice cube melting to water in room temperature. There is hardly anyone really happy while wishing someone happy Diwali using their iPhones or Note smartphones! 

The point of rant is not to demotivate or demote gadgetry! Heck! Even I am a tech freak. What I am trying to convey is that people should and must use their senses before upgrading their less than a year old iPhone, Nexus or Note, LEDs,and whatever other appliances  to their respective latest iteration which will be again superseded by their successive iteration, probably in another 10-11 months. There is no point of flaunting with the latest iPhone or Note when someone is not content with the beauty of life and gifts of nature. Some buy second hand stuff of iPhones, HTC Ones etc trying to keep up with flagship models of these smartphones to feed their false egos and achieve fake sense of satisfaction. And I haven’t even mentioned about the concern of e-waste which itself is now becoming a field of study considering it’s unmanageable state.

Technology is intended for making us connected with our near and dear ones. It was invented for a purpose. Sadly that purpose is lost somewhere amidst the mad race of ‘octa core’ ’64 bit’ processors, gigs of RAM, big price tags but with little love and affection. Instead of allowing technology to mess our lives and tangle it with complexities, Let us celebrate this Diwali by appreciating technology for making our lives more beautiful than it ever was for our past generations.

 Wishing all my blog readers/visitors a very happy and tech-savvy Diwali!