Tuesday, August 5, 2014

When television commercials inspires you!

Can advertisements make or break a product? Don’t really know about that but they sometimes can really boost the spirits of viewers high!

No matter how great a product is, it essentially require a good marketing communication which just not simply presents the rosy sides of the product but which also foster emotions within the viewers, inspire them and at the same time ‘force’ them to buy those products.

 I being an automobile aficionado keeps an eye on almost every automobile advertisement airing on TV, be it of a car, bike or even a bicycle. But there are very few commercials which touches the heart of viewers, which makes them feel that the ad is actually made for them. There are very few advertisements which not only defines a commodity perfectly but also represents our lives in an inspiring yet abstract manner. And most people (including myself) have bought and are using these vehicles extensively not just because how good they are as a product but also because they could relate themselves with the solitary characters acting in the advertisements.

I am sharing selected advertisements of some cult classic products from the recent past which have sheer epicenes, evocative in nature which not only entice you to buy those products but also have profound impact on you as a person as you can relate to the characters portrayed in the commercials.

 At Last, I would say they really are not the advertisements but short one minute inspirational & motivational movies which have lots of hidden meaning in them, only if one is wiser enough to extract the message from them. 

The Hero Honda Karizma Advertisement 

Hero Honda Karizma was the first bike in the country which redefined biking. Karizma is a bike which never gets old, day by day it keeps growing younger, so is this advertisement. This one presents the how this bike stand out from the crowd with its unique characteristic and its advertisement depicts that you will be hounded by herds but if you stand strong even if it means standing alone can actually piss them off with your attitude and dedication and that is all what matters in the end.

The Honda City iVTEC Advertisement 

The most beloved and desired C-Segment car in the country. No vehicle can match the sheer awesomeness of the gem of an i-VTEC engine powering this car. Its advertisement talks about how in our daily lives we should be focusing on improving ourselves, not getting distracted by what others are doing or thinking about you. The beautiful jingle composed by strings advocates the fact that one can make an adventure out of their own lives.  Enjoy the challenges life throws at you and live your dream.

The Tata Safari Advertisement 


Tata Safari – The real SUV of the country! This elephant is not only the most cult class SUV on sale in the India but its advertisement is also as good as the vehicle itself. Tata has released various commercials for Safari but the following two are just awesome. These particular TVCs inspires one to often get away from the daily chores of your lives and do what you are passionate about because in the end you all will be remembering doing the stuff you loved the most! Follow your heart and intuition, everything else is secondary.

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