Friday, February 21, 2014

WhatsApp latest update allows Android users to disable "Last Seen" feature!

WhatsApp has rolled out an update which includes option to hide the profile pictures, status updates and most importantly the 'Last Seen' time stamp for Android devices. In the past, only the iOS users had the luxury of hiding their last seen time stamp.
One of the most drawback according to me in WhatsApp was the privacy leakage. One just need to have someone's phone number to access their profile pictures, last seen time stamp and status updates.
Thankfully within two days of facebook acquiring WhatsApp, this drawback is now history.
At the time of writing this text this latest update is not yet availalbe on the playstore and one has to download the apk from official WhatsApp website. It should be on playstore anytime soon as well.
Download link
Install the apk and after installing you’ll need to go to Settings > Account > Privacy to enable these features.

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