Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Happens When Petrol Price Rises!

First Reaction - Mind block -> Rush to nearest petrol pump -> Wasting petrol while waiting at the pump queue -> Curse Government -> Opposition do rallies etc -> Mindless facebook status updates and hate messages for Government.

Second Reaction - Jaw Drop -> Monthly fuel bills making a hole in owner's heart -> Decides to use public transport/Metro and save money -> Give suggestions to friends/family to use public transport -> Receive  suggestions from them to get the car CNGfied.

Third Reaction - Full Shock -> While using the public transport or the lack of it -> Man thinks he will get killed while traveling in crazy Delhi metro/ public transport.

Fourth Reaction - Eye Pop -> Re works the budget and starts driving the car as usual -> petrol starts looking affordable again. Some get the car CNGfied.

Fifth Reaction - Tick Tock, time goes by, Prices are again increased and same reaction cycle starts.


We can hardly do anything about this price hike except for pressing the correct button on the voting machine (if there is any) in 2014 & subsequent common elections.