Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to Use Wi-fi on BlackBerry Without Getting Data Plan!

Some guys face issues in using Wi-Fi in their BlackBerry SmartPhones, So you have to follow these simple steps to get Wi-Fi working on your BlackBerry.

 1. First just get connected to a Wi-Fi connection by opening ‘Manage connections’ -> ‘Set up Wi-Fi’.

2. Go to Mobile network options in manage connections menu and make sure data services are on.

3. Go to options -> then advance options - >then browser - >open it to see that the default browser configuration should be selected to “hotspot browser”.

4. Open your BlackBerry browser (not the WAP browser) -> go to options ->browser configurations ->again make sure that browser is selected as “hotspot browser”

5. Again go to options - Then general properties and then again make sure that default browser is “hotspot browser”.

6.Enable your Wi-Fi -> open your browser and you are good to go.

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

Yes you read that right. Pre-monsoon showers are already splashing the city since last week and it is even raining right now as I am typing these words. Rains here in Delhi are nothing when you compare it with the monsoon of Mumbai. It’s not even ten percent of that. I do visit the city of dreams quite often and I can say Mumbai rains are way better, refreshing than Delhi rains. I love rains, don’t know why? Whenever it rains, some old good and bad memories drift across my mind, I close my eyes, hear the thunder, feel the smell of soil wetting in and listen to my favorite songs.

 “Indian rains” is a song composed by colonial cousins on rain theme. It’s quite an old song; I guess it was recorded somewhere around year1998. It's a Beautiful song with wonderful lyrics.
 Attaching the song, just listen to it and I am sure your and my opinion will be the same. 

Few select pictures of this lovely season.

Happy monsoon.