Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TeamViewer - Remote access and Desktop sharing Software

I found a wonderful freeware software for remote desktop networking, so thought of sharing about this freeware with you all. Team Viewer is a free desktop sharing software  for remote access, desktop sharing, collaboration and file transfers. The TeamViewer software can be installed on the PC for regular usage, but the same executable can be run to start a sharing session, without installing it, if it is needed for a one time solution. I am using this software to connect one desktop and three laptops via wi-fi connection in my home and i am very impressed with this software's capabilities. Its much better than window's stock setup.

The actual advantage of remote access and desktop sharing is the ability to do it cross-platform, and TeamViewer excels in that. There are few such remote access software which can operate seamlessly on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and even iOS. Using TeamViewer you can have complete control over all your home PCs and laptops (not to mention, iPhone/iPads), from any other computer, connected to these machines with via any form of network.

It doesn't end here; want to help your friend who trusts you, to troubleshoot his PC or find errors? No more confusion or misunderstanding over the telephone; just create a TeamViewer session using his partner ID and password, you can get access his PC and do all that is necessary yourself from the comfort of your home and PC. Moreover on the screen ha can see what's actually happening, as if he is sitting beside and you are teaching him how to do it. What's more? Its capability doesn't end at one-to-one remote desktop sharing, but many users, each one with different types of connectivity (LAN, WiFi, Internet etc.) can use it simultaneously.

You can download this freeware by clicking HERE