Saturday, December 4, 2010

Open Source Software- The Wave of the Future

-> This is the article which I submitted in one of the inter-college technical fest in my bachelors.  

There was a crowd of people which once thought, and still do, that computer software ought to be a free service.. They came up with a solution to this by designing something called open source software, it is software the can be designed and upgraded by just about anyone with the knowhow, thus creating a much higher quality product. Open source software is normally free, but sometimes there is a small fee attached to it or donations are suggested. It is very versatile in the fact that updates to the program occur often, which is constantly improving upon the previous version
. If you wanted to do so, you could be the one to edit and upgrade the program. As you could imagine, you would need to have extensive knowledge in open source software editing.

There are a multitude of reasons to use open source software
as opposed to a paid program. There is an application for just about anything you could need. Each has the ability to be adjusted to suit personal needs and wants. And, those are just a few from an extensive list.

Imaging and printing aren't left off that list. Along with specialty printer drivers, there have also been a multitude of imaging and picture editing applications available, and file translation programs to create readable files from those that are coded for web and other purposes.

One of the more popular sets of open source tools is a from the GNU Project. Perhaps the most popular of the tools is GIMP, which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. The tools in this package are almost limitless, could be used to replace almost every program on the ordinary person's computer, and best of all- they are FREE!

One of the main reasons that open source software is updated frequently is because other very expensive options tend to have issues with drivers and produce a lot of errors.

As always, with something so extraordinary there has to be a draw back. One of these downsides is that fact the open source software can be more difficult to install and implement. Additionally, it is often incompatible with other programs or operating systems

. One example is, GNU's word processing site can be accompanied by a Word Viewer program (also free), but this program only helps someone to see documentation delivered as .doc or .docx documents. This is would only be read-only which means that it is not possible to make additional edits .

So, if you are about to undertake a new hobby in photo imaging, or are considering the latest printer, or perhaps you are a longtime operator of both of them, open source software could be something to consider. Just make sure that you do your research when diving into the world of open source software to make sure that it is the right solution for you.

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