Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why I Love Winter

Since Winter is approaching in Delhi and the chill is setting in,  I need to remind myself of some reasons to love winter.

You get to bundle up in those good warm clothes,coats, jackets and gloves.

When you wake up and see unexpected, heavy fog, love to drive in fog

Winter is often a peaceful time of the year, very calm and silent nights

The comfort of a cup of hot tea after you have been out in the cold.

Shining Sky and sunlight

Comfort foods such as steaming hot soup or Maggi noodles.

Shaadi Season......Lots of delicious food in there

Jingle bells.....Santa Claus Knocks the door....Christmas time

New Year Time

Sometimes, a winter landscape can seem like a magical fairytale.

The full moon looks far more beautiful in the winter.
Besides, there’s always the prospect of spring and summer.


shweta said...

very nice....loved it

Nishant said...

i love winter too......for same reasons.