Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Blog Too !!!

Why I Blog?
I started a blog out of a quiet eager sense of curiosity. After reading about this hing called “Blogger” in a technology column some days back, So finally my infatuation has made me to open a blog and at 12.25 AM, the 17 Nov, 2010 i am entering my first post late this night

 With the ever growing culture of writing blogs, I also decided (eventually) to mark my presence on the internet through this exciting new medium. (Although)I have few mail id’s , an extremelyconvenient facebook account , a yahoo chat id  and last but not the least the active subscriptions to many forums of my choice…With so much in hand I needed some prominent reason to start my blog..As I am….by nature….I don’t start the things that I can not manage, moreover I do not want to do injustice with any of the services offered ….

I had a discussion going on in my mind about the dilemma whether to start a blog or not at all…the first thing that I was in the favor was that its like my personal (or rather public) diary. It is the reflection of my thought in the internet mirror. Its the real ‘me’ in the virtual Web…I could not stop myself from getting the funny idea that “A time will come when a person’s biography will be nothing but the chronologically ordered pages of his blog.” . The next big question that held me was the subject about which I would start writing.

As you might have guessed and experienced as well, Human Mind does not hits the right spot when you are exactly searching for it…Its not like Mr. Google who finds millions of results with almost any keyword. After much hips and hops I finally decided to write whatever I thought about this blog thing So what you are reading right now is the outcome of the above discussion.

Now i proudly say "I BLOG TOO"


Ashwini Beniwal said...

Nice Blog......Keep it up ak.

nikhil said...

great work......nice looking blog.

Anonymous said...

nice theme.......

vikas sharma said...

the theme + the placement of items makes this site one of a kind.

keep it up ak. i wish u all the best.