Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Explore Manali & Rohtang Pass in 5 Minutes

I have been to Manali & Rohtang Pass last summer and documented the short trip with two vlogs.

The first vlog describes the trip from Delhi-Manali including Mall Road, Whispering Valley River, Mall Road, and the second vlog covers Rohtang Pass via Manali-Leh highway.

Each of these vlogs in just five minutes!!!

                                                          #Vlog1 - Delhi To Manali

                                                       #Vlog2 - Manali to Rohtang Pass

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Agile, OK Please.

Long back, in our software engineering textbooks, we first read about water model software development life cycle. No doubt it sounded boring while studying it. It is even boring when you got to work on it. The ladder to a working system is a long one with steps like analysis, documentation, design, development, staging environment testing, production deployment, support, and maintenance. With changing time, the ladder has become fragile. There is no guarantee if you will be able to step on the last step or the ladder will fall resulting in complete failure of the system. 

In an ever-changing technology scenario, where the systems are complex to build and requirements are dynamic in nature, it becomes imperative to do away with the waterfall approach and think something more relevant which serves best in today's IT landscape. 

The answer to this fragile ladder is 'Agile'. A methodology which is transforming the way how organizations are delivering complex systems yet in a simple manner. Being agile is all about being proactive to the change. It means build small but build faster. The technique of Agile assures that the bad product will be delivered soon and doomed projects will fail faster. This makes all the dysfunction visible and helps the teams to work on the failures quite earlier before the cost of project overruns all the available resources. Agile provides various frameworks with which the organizations can deliver small yet shippable increments of the product in a faster way. It helps the business deliver valuable product in the market sooner and allows opportunities to improve the product with each shipment. 

I will post this blog series the agile way. Since agile is all about delivering small yet fast, I am keeping this blog short yet easy to comprehend.

Next blog will be delivered err published to the market soon!  

Anmol Sharma
Certified SAFe® 4 Agilist, CSPO ®, CSM ®